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Sometimes I just like to have fun

November 10, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Blog Pic ConnorBlog Pic Connor Sometimes I just like to have fun!- This pic was taken during a three part session with Connor.  Connor is a young man with a ton of personality and I loved his willingness to just pose on the fly.  Usually, shooting Senior pics, its the girls who will be more comfortable in front of the camera and the boys just really can't get into it.  Not so with Connor.  I didn't have any trouble thinking of poses for him (he actually had an idea of the poses he wanted).  Most of the time he was natural and moved easily from one pose to the next.  He wasn't afraid to try different things and it was obvious he liked to have fun which made this shoot a blast.  And, sometimes, I like to have fun.  It's not always about chasing the perfect light and the perfect pose.  Sometimes, its just about shooting in the moment...and playing with all of the different filters afterwards.  This particular pose was off the cuff.  We were walking from one area to the next and I turned to see if I had left any equipment I would need and he struck this pose...and I snapped the pic.

Perfect Light

November 09, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Blog Pic KatieKatieKatie poses in a forest setting, taking advantage of the setting sun and fill light from a strobe Perfect Light- The sun was starting to dip below the tops of the trees and the forest was starting to dim ever so slightly.  I knew we only had a few more minutes before we had to move to higher ground to capture the light of the golden hour.  It was dark enough I felt I needed a strobe to provide a little fill light.  What I saw in the previews on the camera back were extraordinary to me.  I loved, loved, loved the lighting.  It was through no gift or skill I have.  I just stumbled onto the most beautiful light.  And I had just the right model giving me just the right look.  I started snapping away.  I move a little and moved her a little to find different poses and different backgrounds.  One could argue its too dark.  I can make it lighter (and probably will, to give the client a couple of different choices) and desaturate or lighten parts of it.  Yes, I can do all of those things.  But, for me, for this day and this model, I had finally captured the perfect light.  I captured what I intended to capture when I started out for the afternoon with camera in tow.  Katie (my model), started to laugh at me because she could hear my excitement and amazement at each preview (yes, I peek at the previews!).  I think her boyfriend was laughing at me too.  Some day they will know that perfect moment in time and they will wonder, as I did, and wish those moments came more often.

The Weak and Timid Need Not Apply

September 26, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Yes...this is a big girl's sport.  If you don't enjoy the contact of body on body, flying about on a large grassy surface 

Warsaw Girls Rugby MatchWarsaw Girls Rugby MatchNo weakness looking to control an oblong, air-filled leather ball and destroying the other team with physically jarring body blows, you're probably in the wrong sport...maybe you should try something a little more football or golf or soccer (yes...this kills me too...I've played, coached or reffed soccer since I could walk...I love the game, and its physically demanding...but this rugby   is definitely a whole different level of physical).  And if you're thinking that these are JUST exciting could it be?  I...a former football, soccer, baseball player accustomed to crashing headlong into other people...was pretty much in awe of the pure force these young ladies brought to the field.  At least we had pads on those Friday nights so long ago.  More than once, I watched a girl go down after a hard hit (in case your wondering...they don't wear pads...or helmets...seriously...) only to get back up after the trainer/coach made

Warsaw Girls Rugby MatchWarsaw Girls Rugby Match sure they were ok to continue play.  I watched some girls shy back from truly hard hits (who wouldn't?) and other girls fly headlong into them.  I was glad I could get a few good shots and I can't wait to document the next home match.  I hope to see you there, supporting our local team.  Enjoy two of my favorite shots and feel free to peruse the rest of them.  Maybe you'll find one you really like.  Make it your wallpaper.  They're free to download...for now.

Soft Light

September 14, 2015  •  1 Comment

OliviaOliviaOlivia stands warmed by the evening light being reflected through an open stone archway. It's true.  We are not a 900 year old town with really cool architecture amidst soaring foothills topped by a gothic castle reaching for the sky.  Bummer.  But you can find soft light anywhere and we do have some pretty cool places around Warsaw and Winona Lake that will give you some pretty interesting backdrops.  I love old buildings.  And I love the look of our old courthouse right here in downtown Warsaw.  And when I get a chance to put a model in such a light and see what my camera can do, I take it.  Such is the result here.  We had late afternoon light being bounced around underneath the stairwell leading up to the courthouse. Throw a reflector in to kind of focus the light a little and you get a pretty cool look.  Thanks, Olivia!

Fun on a Friday

September 04, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Ballerina MaddieMaddie BallerinaBefore and After Pics I'm currently working on a very large oil painting (well, large for me, 2 ft x 4 ft) and it sometimes takes several days waiting for one layer to dry before I can start another.  So...what to do?  I don't really have time to hunt down a model for a shoot today nor do I have any particular idea I want to try out but I want to do something creative.  And I want to do something relatively quick (instant know...or maybe you don't).  So I found this picture of Maddie's ballerina pose from a shoot I did of her a couple of years ago.  We got several great pics of her and this was one her mother wanted me to get.  I took it a step further (isn't that just like me?) and lengthened the canvas and changed it to black and white for a more dramatic effect.  It was a hit (I'm told).  Here is the before picture, in color.  See below for the after pic.  It was something similar to this, a little cleaner maybe.  I only did this one in a few minutes this afternoon and its not completely clean but its good enough to practice a few different skills using layers in Photoshop.

I would love to know what you think.  Feel free to comment.

Maddie BallerinaMaddie Ballerina







August 17, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

blog LaceyLacey Loving Life:  I am somehow drawn to this picture and I can't really put my finger on it.  Maybe its because I know the model (Lacey) and I know how she approaches pretty much everything in life.  It's pedal to the metal, full-throttle craziness.  She absolutely gets the most out of each day and isn't afraid to put herself out there.  She doesn't care what people think.  I wish I could do that. But I'm cautious by nature (although becoming a little less so the older I get...time no longer stands still like it did during 2 a days during soccer or football preseason training...oh to have those days back!  But I digress).

This pic was snapped as one of a series when I had Lacey dance, move, swing her hair, whatever came into head.  And I love the result.  I blurred the background a little at an angle to really emphasize the movement.  The color has also been desaturated a little using one of the many presets I have and tweaking it a little bit more.  You can absolutely feel her attitude and the movement she was giving me.  She's truly one of a kind!

Evening Calm

August 09, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

MakaylaEvening CalmMakayla is perfectly at ease against the rustic boards of an old barn. The Stillness of Evening:  Our beautiful model, Makayla, rests quietly against the rustic boards of an old barn.  Whatever else is or was going on in her life before the shoot is washed away in the stillness of a beautiful summer evening.  I remember her mother and sister on one side and my assistant on the other.  I can't remember if they were talking...they probably were.  I was so focused on capturing this moment that nothing else existed.  It reminded me of my running days when I floated along, at one with my body and the rhythm of my feet hitting the pavement.  I suppose this was my version of a runner's high.  Sometimes I get lucky.  Right shot, right pose, right location.  For me, this was it.  Everything came together.  Whatever else was going on in my life before the shoot was washed away as well.  It was a beautiful moment.  Like that personal best in running, its a moment I keep chasing every time I head out to a shoot.  Life is all about the journey.


August 08, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

LaurenLooking ForwardOur young model smiles and looks forward. Anticipation-

Our young model smiles and looks to something that is out of frame.  To what?  Her bright future?  A homecoming?  A special day?  A special person?  That's the great thing about snapshots in time.  We only see a very small slice.  We let our imaginations roam to form a paragraph about what we see.  We let that paragraph form pages, then chapters, then books.  We can go anywhere with this picture.  It's a rainy day in December.  It's cold.  It's dark and stormy.  And our beautiful model, Lauren, is smiling.  It must be something good indeed.  

One Last Pic

August 07, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

SatisfiedSatisfactionA picture of one of my favorite people, patient and willing to model one last picture before calling it a day. It was a keeper. Satisfied

There is a reason why I've featured this particular picture before.  It's one of my favorites.  It's one of those pictures where you are on your way back to the car, ready to call it a day when you just see something.  The vision is clear.  The setting is perfect.  The model is patient.  It all comes together.   It also happens to be a picture of one of my favorite people. Alexis is like a daughter to me.  I met her for many, many years ago when my daughter brought her home to meet us (we always wanted to meet her friends). Best friends forever is what you could call them but that wouldn't be doing them justice.  I've gotten to watch this young lady mature into a fantastic young woman starting a family with an equally fantastic young man.  It is pure joy and contentment.  I am profoundly thankful to know her.


August 03, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Daniel and Jacob at the barnCuriosityDaniel is curious. What's in this old barn? Jacob follows right along as big brother peers inside. Curiosity-  Children are just a naturally curious bunch.  They love to find out what's around the corner, what's behind the door.  They are constantly getting into shelves and rooms and anything that is closed.  Our job is to stimulate that curiosity, not squelch it.  Let them pull out all of the pots and pans. Let them make noise.  Let them make messes.  Let them pull things apart.  So what if it takes time out of our day to put everything back in place.  So what if they get noisy.  Let them look under rocks and boards and piles of stuff.  Who knows what they may find?  Who knows how your "playing along" will affect them in the months, years and even decades to come.  

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